Crime Questionnaire™

The Crime Questionnaire Accurately Predicts Guilt or Innocence

The Crime Questionnaire™ (CQ™) is an alternative method for interviewing crime suspects.  The CQ is a test for truth and deception, and can be used in tandem with a polygraph or in situations where a polygraph cannot be used.

The CQ Is:

  • A written interview that identifies innocent suspects.
  • A questionnaire to determine criminal involvement using a database of answers given by previous suspects verified innocent and guilty.
  • When administered orally, the CQ is a Behavior Analysis Interview. Its questions allow innocent suspects to comfortably play armchair detective and cause the guilty to display behaviors that are obviously deceptive.
  • In its oral form, the CQ is a narrowing interview that identifies the lone culprit among many innocent suspects.
  • It is often used as an investigator’s training tool to help improve interview skills.
  • When used with conventional lie detection techniques, the CQ mentally prepares the suspect to produce conclusive test results — every time.

Use the Crime Questionnaire™ and Polygraph for Near-Perfect Results

The CQ investigative questionnaire, coupled with a polygraph test, provides a single result more accurate than either the questionnaire or polygraph alone. Their combined results are correct in approximately 992.5 of every 1,000 cases.

The Crime Questionnaire alone is incredibly accurate in predicting guilt or innocence, even without a polygraph test. In fact, in a recent study, the CQ was administered to 132 criminal suspects prior to taking polygraph examinations. The CQ correctly predicted polygraph results 84.8 percent of the time.

How the Crime Questionnaire Works

  • Upon ordering the CQ, you will receive everything you  need, including complete instructions for administering and returning the questionnaires for analysis.
  • Suspects complete the questionnaire — written or orally.  There are a total of 34 questions.
  • Many of the questions are hypothetical (“Suppose…” and “What if…”) and thus non-confrontational.  Questions confound the guilty, but are taken in stride by the innocent.
  • The CQ takes about 30–40 minutes for the average suspect to complete.
  • Send completed CQ’s to us for analysis.  A detailed report will be returned to you within 2–3 business days.

Each Crime Questionnaire™ Undergoes Thorough Expert Analysis.

The suspect’s CQ answers are compared to a large database of answers given by suspects in previous criminal cases that were verified as truthful or deceptive, according to polygraph test results or confessions.  Language analysis principles are employed to assess the truthfulness of new or unique answers.

Crime Questionnaire analysts are trained and certified by the questionnaire’s creator, James W. Bassett.

The Benefits of a Written Crime Questionnaire

Investigative questionnaires, such as the CQ, are frequently used by investigators, police agencies and attorneys as a way to exonerate the innocent and solve crimes.  Investigative questionnaires can be used in situations where polygraph testing cannot (some suspects cannot be polygraphed due to age, physical conditions or mental problems).

Whether a suspect is guilty or innocent, most will willingly fill out an investigative questionnaire instead of taking a polygraph exam.  Criminal suspects will often answer an investigator’s questions about a crime they are suspected of committing.  But asking them to take a polygraph examination frequently causes the innocent – as well as the guilty – to demand a lawyer.

If you are an investigator interested in Crime Questionnaire training, contact us.